A Funny Story from the Writer’s Conference

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend a writers’ conference in Atlanta. I filled my brain with a wealth of information that was particularly useful concerning my future as a writer. See, I have graduated from considering myself an aspiring writer to a full-fledged author even though I haven’t been officially published yet because I am constantly working on my craft. Though, let me assure you, it would be amazing to finally get published. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so I trudge on, slowly erecting my legacy. Before I continue, I want to express a truly special thank you to Chuck Sambuchino and all of the agents, speakers, and editors in attendance at the Atlanta Writers Conference this weekend who have been expert architects in helping me build my Rome. These conferences are invaluable to all of us whose goal is to be published one day.

I promised everyone a funny story from my trip to Atlanta – and boy, can I deliver. I had my eye on a particular shirt, one absolutely perfect for the occasion, and picked it up on my way out of town Friday. I finally arrived in Atlanta, feeling a surge of confidence as I switched roles from “mom” to “author.” I grabbed my chic new shirt to lay it out for the next day, but staring back at me was the glaring, hideous plastic security tag. I was disappointed but determined to strut my stuff in that shirt the next day. Fortunately, any problem can be solved by a good old YouTube video. That magical website once again pulled through, so off I went to my host for the weekend, a good friend in Atlanta. When I off-handedly asked her for a knife and lighter, her eyebrows just about raised enough to touch her hairline as she confoundedly replied, “Well, I guess it depends what you need it for.” Maybe I should have phrased that a bit more eloquently, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.

As I reflected on that question, I had to laugh. I explained my plight and she graciously went to retrieve my contraband items. Now I am equipped with the indispensable knowledge of how to remove a security tag. Disclaimer: I will only be using this for items I purchase – I am not a criminal. If you too find yourself in this predicament, I have graciously included the YouTube video that helped me out of this weekend’s predicament.

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