Looking to the Future

Hey everyone!  I wanted to take a few minutes to give you all some information on the future of this blog and a few other things I’m working on behind the scenes.

First, let me say that writing this blog has been such a great experience and I’m really enjoying all that I am doing with it.  I love that I get to share my passion for writing with all those following me. Putting pen to paper and sharing my thoughts with you on the things that matter most to me continues to be a tremendous rush and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.  I am humbled that you have chosen to follow along with me as I continue my journey as a writer.    Thank you again for your time and for the feedback you are able to provide.

Looking to the future, I still plan to continue sharing my stories, book reviews, and reflections on the lessons life has taught me so far.  The only thing that is going to change a bit is that I am planning to pull back a little on the amount of content I post each week.  You can still expect to be entertained weekly, but for now it will be limited to just two to three postings a week.

I will continue to post as frequently as I can in the continuation of my Julia story.  This piece has a special place in my heart as it deals with some of the hardships many of us are forced endure. I drew deeply from my own struggles watching my husband fight cancer. My muse was one born from suffering and one that brought healing to me when I was in need of it most.

I am also getting ready to self-publish my very first book very soon!  It was an extremely fun story to write, but be warned that it is not the same as what I normally write.  The title of the book is No Apologies from the Front Porch.  You should know in advance that this piece is a little closer to a PG-13 type movie.

The lead character is a feisty late thirties divorcee having to relearn how to live her life following a hurtful divorce.  She has no qualms acknowledging the difficult person she knows she can be and makes no apologies for telling it like it is.  I’ll keep you up to date with more information as the time for publication approaches.

I’ve also recently gotten an offer from a publication house that I am currently milling over.  It has always been a goal of mine to become a traditionally published author working with a large publishing house with an agent to handle all the details.  The trouble is that life doesn’t always work like you’d want and I’m just not at that spot yet.  I am very happy with the offer and will continue all I can to fulfill my dream.

I am also pursuing publications of several of my short stories, though this style of writing is really not in my wheelhouse.  Those that truly know me know that I am just too wordy to put everything I need in only a few pages.

Apart from all of this, the past six weeks have seen me traveling to Atlanta for a writer’s conference and to Mississippi for a visit with my best friend.  It is nice to have breaks like these every once in a while.  This mama needed a vacation in a bad way!

With that, I am going to continue doing what I know and love most including being a mom to these crazy kids.  Be on the lookout for some truly frightening and hilarious stories, as I will soon be teaching my sixteen year old how to drive.

Again, a huge thank-you to everyone who follows my blog!  I appreciate your support and love the feedback I am getting from all of you.  Take care! Talk to you soon!

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