Books Read in 2017

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Here is a list of books I have read this year so far with a small synopsis of each book.

Five Stars *****

Pretty Girls– Karin Slaughter (Most graphic suspense novel with a wild ending that had me on edge through the last half of the book.  I couldn’t put it down.)

Summit Lake– Charlie Donlea (First novel by this author.  I loved it and it had an unexpected ending that left me unable to sleep.)

Bad Mommy– Tarryn Fisher  (Story about an unbalanced woman that has her sights set on another family that has what she can’t.)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time -Mark Haddon (One of my all time favorites books.  This fictional novel gives the reader a look into the world of Autism that explains this disorder better than any non-fiction book could.)

Voices in the Summer– Rosamunde Pilcher (I love everything by this author.  This is a look at a woman that finally finds love and gets a family she has only dreamed of.)

Pretty Baby– Mary Kubica (A wonderfully suspenseful story about a girl who is abused and found on the streets of Chicago.  The woman that takes her in falls in love with the young girl’s infant child.  When the older woman and the young girls path collide, it takes the reader on a wild ride.)

Four Stars ****

Behind Closed Doors– B.A. Paris (A man that looks perfect and the a woman that feels the role of the dutifully wife, live a life that most would envy.  But she they envy the couple because on they know what happens behind closed doors.)

Singe– Aly Martinez (A wonderfully suspenseful romantic novel that follows a man and a woman that have a connection after surviving a horrible fire that causes more damage to them both than the visible burns they both have.)

Commonwealth– Ann Patchett (A literary novel that takes place over five decades and follows the children of a couple that start an affair on the day of the woman’s daughter’s christening party.  As the two families become one, the reader gets to see what happens due to the decisions of the parents over fifty years earlier.)

Queen Sugar– Natalie Braszile (When Charley comes back to Louisiana to take over her fathers sugar cane fields, she is met with hostility since she is an African-American woman both farming and managing the land.)

Retrieval– Aly Martinez (After the loss of Elisabeth and Roman’s son, they lose each other in their grief.  After they are given a second chance at their family, they find comfort in each other again.)

A Spool of Blue Thread– Anne Tyler (A story depicting a family through the onset of the matriarch’s dementia.)

The Secrets She Carried– Barbara Davis (Leslie is haunted by the past at her Grandmother’s tobacco farm.  After her grandmother dies, she leaves her only half the farm to Leslie’s disbelief to manage with her business partner.  As she tries to manage the farm with a man she butts heads with at every turn, she also discovers a secret that has haunted by her grandmother.  Leslie is given just enough information to start digging and has this need to find out the truth.)

Healing Jacob– Nicole Stewart (This is a very steamy novel about a young man that is left hurt by his family finds love in the most unexpected way.)

Worth The Risk– Jamie Beck (This is the third book in the St. James Series.  After Jackson has been left devastated by the choice of his ex-girlfriend when she aborts his child, he is left a mess.  His actions have caused problems to others in his wake and his drinking is out of hand.  As he tries to find a way to cope, he meets a single mom that changes his outlook on life.)

The Spiral Up– Aly Martinez (A country sing all star has it all but has not found love and is scared to.  This is a steamy romance about a man that is scared about letting his heart go.)

Three Stars ***

Forever in the Worst Ling Time– Camille Pagan (A man that is trying to find his way in the world, falls in love with his best friend’s finance.  Throughout the book that ranges twenty years, his life is chronicled as he tries to follow his dream.)

Taking Chances– Molly McAdams (A coming of age book about a girl that falls in love with two men.)

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