The Jouney in Indie Publishing

The Indie Tea

Sometimes you are not aware of what you are supposed to do until you are deep in the trench of warfare. When I was a young expectant mother, I read books about parenting and everything that goes along with it. However, it wasn’t until I was immersed in diapers, burping, nursing and the other thousands of little tasks that were associated with being a mom; did I understand what I really needed to do to calm this new baby I loved desperately.

I used this analogy because I have read books on writing and indie publishing along with resources that would give me tons of ideas to pull from. Just as my parenting story above, I had no idea what I was truly getting myself into as I started this process.

First let me start by saying I have had a lot more experience making mistakes than I have had with making the right choices. I take solace in the fact that I will hopefully have this system streamlined as I start on the second book in my series. It has been a humbling experience as I realize and accept the mistakes I have made and I work through them to bring my dream of being published to fruition.

With that being said, I wanted to spotlight a website that has given me many resources in the past several weeks as I piece together this process for myself. I am a big fan of Aly Martinez. She is an indie author I have been following and I enjoy her books. She is speaking at the Indie Tea Conference and during one of her Facebook chats; she mentioned it would be in Charlotte NC this year. That is in my backyard and so I searched for information concerning this event; not aware of what it even was.

In this little divine intervention, I found a plethora of resources that are as valuable to the indie writer as a stethoscope is to a doctor. Two indie authors, Whitney G. and Nicole London started the sight, wanting to inspire other writers trying to break out in the romance genre and they share what they have learned with newsletters and podcasts. This conference provides workshops and panels hosted by leaders in this industry.

On the site itself, there is a list of cover designers, editors, promotional companies, photographers and formatters. These are all vital services the indie author needs to publish a quality book, even if you aren’t in the romance genre. It has lent me so much information that I feel almost (and I said almost) comfortable now in this journey I have embarked on.

Check them out at

indietea 3

As always, happy writing to all of you!


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