Fractured Heart Release from Sienna Grant

I don’t one click often. But when I do, it is normally for good reason! This little gem released today and I am looking forward to it. I am a complete sucker for a single dad kind of book! I wanted to share this with you before I read it but don’t worry, a review is on its way!



We had it all.

A beautiful marriage, a nice house and a baby on the way. What could go wrong?

Everything…that’s what went wrong.


I lost her.

I don’t know how to go on. I’m stuck in a world of grief with only my little girl to save me.


I vowed to never love again.

No one would ever take her place but what happens when someone breaks down your defences and repairs your heart one small crack at at a time?



Sienna Grant is a 39 year old romance writer. She’s married to her soulmate and is a mother to 3 children, two of which are all grown up.

When she’s not being a mother and wife, she loves to write and make up her own world but still loves a hint of realism.


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Idaho by Emily Ruskovich


I have been focusing on Indie books, however, this debut book I read earlier in the year, still has me really thinking and scratching my head. At first, I was so confused by it, but after book club, I was able to piece together this book. One for literary fiction (one of my favorite genres) I wanted to share this book with you.
** Spoiler Alert **
Like I said above: when I originally read this book, I was lost and confused. This is a book that needs some sort of support group that can take the book and really disect it. I felt at first there was a lot of stuff that happened in this book that was never explained but after a great discussion, the author did something wonderful, she would take us just far enough and then would pull back. There is a lot of conjecture needed to understand this book and from here on, spoilers are present!

You have Jenny who is in jail for killing her daughter. The other daughter, is now missing. Wade the father is left both childless and wifeless as he divorces the wife that killed his daughter
In comes Ann, a music teacher who has connected with Wade and marries him a year after losing his daughters, because June-that one that survived the mom’s attack is still missing. On top of that, there is a male student named Elliot, who Ann teaches and has lost his leg who Wade’s daughter (the one that goes missing) loves.
**I am sure you are scratching your head like I had and you maybe confused as hell, like I was.**
Fast forward, Ann is taking care of Wade who is early stages of alziemers. Jenny(the mom) is haunted by the murder of her daughter and the boy(Elliot) that June likes (who is the missing daughter) is now dating someone mysterious.

There is so much in this book I could leave a review that takes days but here is my conjecture after a small little synopsis.
Before May is killed, June and her have some words, a small fight and May teases her. In the mountain that day, the day that May is killed, June and her are in the bed of the truck. Apparently Jenny (the mom) is there. Wade only knows what Jenny tells him and that something came over her that made her(the mom) kill her youngest daughter and then June the older daughter flees.

But in reading the book and after many discussions, we believe that June killed her younger sister and Jenny(like any selfless parent) took the blame.
The boy that June had a crush on is seen with a younger woman ten years later that would be the same age as June if she survived the woods that day. She always liked this young man. To go further, this young man lost his leg in an accident where his backpack was found on a rotted out deck. I believe further from a conversation that was recorded in the book between the girlfriend that it was June that put his backpack there.
This is a lot of conjecture and only if you read it, will you understand probably what I am trying ot get at.
In the end, the mom; Jenny and Wade’s second wife; Ann are found taking a trip together after Jenny is parolled. Ann is helping her settle back into her life outside of prison. Wade died years earlier and they are found at a creek at the ending. I really was mad after reading the book but after many intense thoughts, I decided to believe my theory that there really is some sort of conclusion to this book and for that reason, I rate this book at four stars. (Plus there is an awesome history lesson about the way the state was named-which I loved.) I would love to pick this authors mind though, if ever given the chance.

Cover Reveal

Introducing the cover!



Hey everyone! I wanted to swing on over and share my cover reveal for my fourth book, which is a novella. It is a bit racier than the past books, especially The Last Breath but I wanted a fun loving book to offset the ugly cry of the last book!

Here is the thing though, I had no intention of writing this character so soon. Jake, if you remember his little cameo from Unfiltered with Justine was her new sexy neighbor. He was in two scenes and my readers fell in love with him. One of my readers asked, “How is it that Justine has two sexy neighbors and I have none?”

Well, needless to say, I decided to give my readers a Jake story earlier than planned and with it came the idea of this novella.

Here is the synopsis:

The Holiday Package-Part 1:

Ten days.

The Cayman Islands.

A holiday trip to forget the woman I lost.

Suddenly, I’m face to face with the sassiest and hardest of women, who may be able to make me forget all I left behind.

And I want her!

This vacation is about moving on.

The saucy little ginger flaunting her perfect curvy body in her next to nothing bikinis can be the distraction I need to forget it all.

Her fire and brimstone attitude leaves me in constant arousal.

And she proposes a holiday affair, one I gladly accept knowing this is a hell of a risk to my already floundering heart.

But in the end, will I be able to say goodbye?



Don’t miss Justine’s Story in Unfiltered or Rose’s Story in Unacquainted





Dirty Salvation by V. Theia

dirty salvation

First let me start by saying I normally hate and despise reviews that begin like this, “I normally don’t read (said genre) and for that reason……yada yada yada.” After those words, the reviewer normally begins to berate the book. But I am in favor of these type of reviews if said book changed (like the one above) the readers view on said genre.

That would be the case for Ms. Theia’s Dirty Salvation. I never thought I would like MC books but through take overs and shout outs, Dirty Salvation was one book other readers and authors raved about for debut novels. I had to pick it up and see for myself and let me say, I was blown away. First, the writing is wonderful and I would never have guessed this was the author’s first book.

You have Rider, the president of his MC chapter. He never tries to be something he is not. He understands he’s a rebel but at the same time, he truly cares for the community around him.

Zara is a coming of age girl who sees Rider and wants him. This is reciprocated by Rider. They soon have one wonderful special night together and the feelings of wanting to be with her again, scares him. He does the only thing he knows to do and that is to scare her off.

Fast forward three years, Rider and his gang are trying to rid the world of the horrible rival gang up the road. It is not that they are rivals, that has Rider all bothered by this gang but they are into a lot of shady activities, like human trafficking. Rider and his gang storm the compound and find a young girl and a woman, begging for their lives. These two were held against their will in the rivals compound.

When Rider realizes it is Zara who was taken by the horrible Hades(the leader of the rival group), Rider knows he has been given a second chance. However, trying to convince the girl he let get away that she is worth all he does for her; after the psychological turmoil that was placed on poor Zara, is a harder task than he anticipates.

After this short little recap, I can’t go into much more, or I would be giving away the story. However, the story is fluid with complex characters; which make the book. This first story in this series sets up for more of the hot bikers to be showcased. A man bun has never been sexier than as Ms. Theia describes on Rider and all her bikers boast a level of hotness. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the life of Preacher, the second book of this series.

What I found unique about this book was the POV. The POV just is not from the main characters point of view but from many characters, leading to a better description of the main story line. It also lent to the continuing stories of some of the other men within the MC gang since this is just book 1 of a series. I hope each biker that has been mentioned gets a story. I am rooting for an immediate Hawk story-(Hint, hint, Ms. Theia.) Not many writers can pull off such a huge undertaking of showcasing so many voices in one book but V. Theia does it amazingly!

Ms. Theai has just released the third book in this series, called Tracking Luxe. This is a must read for those who love MC books. Like I mentioned earlier, Don’t miss Preacher, book two in this series. The covers is effing hot!

4.5 stars is my rating for this book and I look forward to Ms. Theia making me fall in love with the world of the MC genre.





Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph




Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph

I am not sure how to even begin this review because quite honestly, it is an experience that the reader has to go on by themselves to truly enjoy this book. If I give too much away, it will be like giving the reader the ending one of their most anticipated movie they’d been waiting to watch.

So, the question is, how to begin this review in a way that does this book justice. First, I am going to say, just buy the book! Don’t worry, I will give you more than just that little tid-bit of information.

Okay, so here goes! Sage is an orphan, whose sister, Siren is really a big mean bully or so Sage thinks she is. Fast forward many years and the girls live together in Cape Town, South Africa. Siren is the out going one but also very poccessive of her sister. Many incidents occur and Sage tries to break away from her sister, but she just can’t until Sage is given a reason to leave. This specific reason comes in the tall and handsome package of Jake. From there, Siren goes mad. This is where I will stop because too much more, I will give away the book.

As I said earlier, every once in a while you are given a gem of a book that really is more than just a good read. This is a good read but more, this book is an experience that has to be enjoyed as you will find yourself fully emerged in the book

Things I liked:

Sage is such a gentle soul, the polar opposite of her sister Siren. However, more so than the characters, the depth to which they are portrayed on the pages, it is as if they could seriously jump off the page and immerse themselves into your lives.

Again, like the previous book of Ms. Joseph’s, she adds a large part of literary fiction to give this book complexity as the reader is left with questions. (Don’t worry, you get your answers.)

Of course this is a love story too, so it would be pointless to forget to showcase the love that Jake has for Sage, one that leads him to think things in a way he never has.

I am sorry to leave you with with such a vague review but as you begin to read it (and I am telling you this is a book of true wisdom) you will thank me that I insisted you read it and that I let you experience this book without going in too much detail.

Five Plus stars for Ms. Joseph!

Siren teaser

Her next release is a holiday novella called Serendipity coming mid-December!

Infinity by Jo-Anne Joseph


I love this book! It is wonderfully written and absolutely beautiful! Full of literary fiction, it brings a new twist to the world of romance that this book boasts! It is a must read, about hope and redemption!

You have Leah who has loved her brother’s best friend since before she understood those feelings. Then there is Leo, the best friend who practically lived with Leah and her family.

Fast forward many years, after a large misunderstanding and Leah is now married to her high school boyfriend. They are complacent in their life together but she also feels she is not his priority. When a car accident leads to Leah and Leo being reunited, that is when old feelings begin to surface again. When a deep secret rocks Leah’s marriage, she is devastated and turns to Leo. This is when she realizes her feelings for him never truly went away. When her marriage is truly over, Leo is there to help her back on track. Leo too is keeping a secret from Leah, one that might just undo her!


What I liked:
1. This is literary fiction that meets romance head on! I love deep rich characters and Ms. Joseph delivers. The family dynamics of Infinity was one of thw many reasons I loved it. Leah’s parents made a large impact on how this book turned out.

2. I love the best friend’s sibling trope too much. I was a goner when I read that Leo practically grew up with Leah.

3. The fact that the book takes place in another country, always gives me reasons to pick it up! South Africa seems like an amazing place and her descriptions are wonderful!

This book is a five star in my opinion! Wonderful Debut for Jo-Anne Joseph!

Watch out for her new release this week, Siren. I have read it and wow-just wow!

Holly Freakin’ Hughes by Kelsey Kingsley


Kelsey Kingsley’s debut novel is brilliant! Holly Freakin Hughes is freakin wonderful!

At the beginning of the book, the reader instantly wants to root for Holly and the idea of her losing her job and guy at the same makes Holly a person anyone can identify with. Sure, not everyone has had a week quite like Holly, but life has given us all crap hands as it does with Holly!

Holly is described as beautiful and fun but in her own skin, she is very awkward. Losing her guy and job makes her feel even more uncomfortable. When she meets Brandon, she sees him immediately as out of her league but the chemistry between the two is instant. The course of this book makes us wonder how it will all work out for Ms. Hughes.

Things I loved about this book:
1. I loved the relationship she has with her niece. Bring a child into a book and give it to the main character, people love this. See, everyone has someone that is important to them. Her tenderness with her niece, brings reality to this book.
2. It takes awhile but I love a character that can forgive a horrific act by another person. The way that Holly decides to forgive the man that she loved shows she is a woman of compassion.
3. The characters were real and complex.
4. The main male character was just swoon worthy and for a romance book, that is a must!

I look forward to all of Ms. Kingsley books. She is going to be an auhor of substance! Don’t miss this wonderful read!