Prelude by Auden Dar

Auden Dar Prelude Full Wrap Cover-2Every once in a while you are given a book that makes you want to step onto the pages and take over the lead character’s life and Lina is that character for me! Sure, she has had her share of crap dealt to her but the author hits on human life because everyone deals with hurt and loss.

So, you are asking what this story is about-well- let me tell you! This is a wonderful story of a woman who whose mind knows what is good for her but her heart wants something else. The idea of her dreaming about another man as she sleeps next to her fiance’ is one of pure torture for Lina.

The author is great at bringing this book to a slow burn as the reader wonders if Julian will ever be part of Lina’s life. But it is apparent to the readers that Julian does care deeply for Lina.

There are reasons I gave this five stars. First, it was written well and I loved the way Ms. Dar paints the canvas of the book so vividly you feel you are in California and New York. I love books that have two settings and this book delivered. I have been to New York once and Southern LA never and I feel I can almost taste the air.

The characters have depth to them as do the minor characters that support them. Patty and Roger are Lina’s best friends and they bring humor to the pages; plus the way they protect Lina is absolutely beautiful!

I also like that the author made Lina believable. How many people do we know (ourselves included) that  get in the cycle of everyday life and may feel stuck at one time or two in our lives! That is the premise of Lina-wanting what she can’t have.

This book will captivate you until the very end and then you will be asking for her January release to come sooner than Santa Claus. Do yourself a favor and get this copy today!

Prelude Teaser-I've spent too many nights

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