The Last Breath

The Last Breath EBook-3


This is my third book called The Last Breath about a woman really has gotten beat up metaphorically in life. I wrote this book with raw emotion as I watched my husband fight against the beast we know as cancer and he won!

I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I had names, an idea and a computer. It took me six months to pen down Julia’s entire story. At the time, it was going to be only from the main character’s point of view but as the characters became more real in my mind, I knew I had to share their journey, too.

Honestly, it was watching my parents along with my husband’s parents and friends that grieved for us that made me realize that cancer and the beast of the disease it is, had a place in all our lives in the moment we were living.

I wanted to catch a raw and real look at what a family goes through when they live with the thought that the disease may not go away. We were lucky, my husband has been in remission for two years. It’s funny, in his case, when we would tell people he had Melanoma, the response was, “Oh, they can just cut it out.” I quickly became ensconced into the world of cancer.



When asked why I wrote such a sad story, I think about life in general and how vicious it truly is. Hurt is all around us, but it was my hope to showcase a family that could rise above all the crap and work for the common good. Julia brought many people together and healed many relationships, just by being herself and so in that way, her life mattered and it mattered to those around her.

On a personal note, six months after my husband finished chemo, my mother succumbed to a quick and brutal battle with cancer and was gone in six weeks. For that reason, I will always dedicate any book I write to my mother, Robbie.

It was then I started editing the book. I never thought it was written well enough to be published. In all honesty, it wasn’t written well at all considering it was the first book I wrote. However, I’ve been through this book so many times, making changes, trying to make it smoother. I felt it was important to get the message out for everyone who has lost a loved one due to cancer. Even though it sucks and is hard, sometimes the journey is the best part of the destination. Below is a synopsis of the book. I hope you enjoy it!

The Last Breath Teaser 5

The Last Breath:

Loss is not foreign to Julia Barnett. To the outside world she is the epitome of the perfect mom. That is, until the doors of her impeccable life are closed and reality hits her square in the face. Once the leading lady in her own epic love story, she can only look back at what used to be. With an absent husband, an intrusive father, a troubled child, and an ex-fiancé that is still tied to her life, it’s no wonder Julia is grasping for air in her chaotic world.

The bruises that Julia lives with are invisible to those closest to her. She lost so much early in life, more than most could survive. Now, she grapples with resentment towards her husband because of all the empty promises he’s made. In the midst of this turmoil, test results reveal an illness she is not sure she will survive.

For Julia, it is not her life that may be cut short that consumes her, but how her family will endure without her there. As everyone rallies around Julia while she fights like hell to live, she learns that family, along with love, comes in many shapes and sizes. It is her family that gives her the strength to fight the biggest battle of her life; one she doesn’t want to lose.




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