Doll Face

By Sadie Grubor

doll face

What can I say about this book-probably not enough! First, let me say this book was provided for me for an honest review and I honestly fell in love with both this book and author from the beginning sentence. Although the book was excellent, I have to say the cover pulled me in to seek out the author for an arc in the first place.

Mei-the main character is wow-just wow! First off, let me say it was a mafia/dark romance. Saint, the male lead of this story, is so many things. He is mysterious, deep, handsome, controlling and f***ing scary! He sees Mei and feels a connection with her right away. Saint is one of the darkest characters I have ever read. (Normally dark men are ***holes) I mean, don’t get me wrong, Saint has his issue but it works for this story and his one goal in life is protect Mei.

The story takes the most twists and turns and if it were anyone else, I may be lost but Ms. Grubor does a wonderful job to keep the readers engaged throughout it all! Anyway, Sadie Grubor has won my heart as one of her avid fans! I can’t wait to read more!


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