Holly Freakin’ Hughes by Kelsey Kingsley


Kelsey Kingsley’s debut novel is brilliant! Holly Freakin Hughes is freakin wonderful!

At the beginning of the book, the reader instantly wants to root for Holly and the idea of her losing her job and guy at the same makes Holly a person anyone can identify with. Sure, not everyone has had a week quite like Holly, but life has given us all crap hands as it does with Holly!

Holly is described as beautiful and fun but in her own skin, she is very awkward. Losing her guy and job makes her feel even more uncomfortable. When she meets Brandon, she sees him immediately as out of her league but the chemistry between the two is instant. The course of this book makes us wonder how it will all work out for Ms. Hughes.

Things I loved about this book:
1. I loved the relationship she has with her niece. Bring a child into a book and give it to the main character, people love this. See, everyone has someone that is important to them. Her tenderness with her niece, brings reality to this book.
2. It takes awhile but I love a character that can forgive a horrific act by another person. The way that Holly decides to forgive the man that she loved shows she is a woman of compassion.
3. The characters were real and complex.
4. The main male character was just swoon worthy and for a romance book, that is a must!

I look forward to all of Ms. Kingsley books. She is going to be an auhor of substance! Don’t miss this wonderful read!


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