Infinity by Jo-Anne Joseph


I love this book! It is wonderfully written and absolutely beautiful! Full of literary fiction, it brings a new twist to the world of romance that this book boasts! It is a must read, about hope and redemption!

You have Leah who has loved her brother’s best friend since before she understood those feelings. Then there is Leo, the best friend who practically lived with Leah and her family.

Fast forward many years, after a large misunderstanding and Leah is now married to her high school boyfriend. They are complacent in their life together but she also feels she is not his priority. When a car accident leads to Leah and Leo being reunited, that is when old feelings begin to surface again. When a deep secret rocks Leah’s marriage, she is devastated and turns to Leo. This is when she realizes her feelings for him never truly went away. When her marriage is truly over, Leo is there to help her back on track. Leo too is keeping a secret from Leah, one that might just undo her!


What I liked:
1. This is literary fiction that meets romance head on! I love deep rich characters and Ms. Joseph delivers. The family dynamics of Infinity was one of thw many reasons I loved it. Leah’s parents made a large impact on how this book turned out.

2. I love the best friend’s sibling trope too much. I was a goner when I read that Leo practically grew up with Leah.

3. The fact that the book takes place in another country, always gives me reasons to pick it up! South Africa seems like an amazing place and her descriptions are wonderful!

This book is a five star in my opinion! Wonderful Debut for Jo-Anne Joseph!

Watch out for her new release this week, Siren. I have read it and wow-just wow!

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