Dirty Salvation by V. Theia

dirty salvation

First let me start by saying I normally hate and despise reviews that begin like this, “I normally don’t read (said genre) and for that reason……yada yada yada.” After those words, the reviewer normally begins to berate the book. But I am in favor of these type of reviews if said book changed (like the one above) the readers view on said genre.

That would be the case for Ms. Theia’s Dirty Salvation. I never thought I would like MC books but through take overs and shout outs, Dirty Salvation was one book other readers and authors raved about for debut novels. I had to pick it up and see for myself and let me say, I was blown away. First, the writing is wonderful and I would never have guessed this was the author’s first book.

You have Rider, the president of his MC chapter. He never tries to be something he is not. He understands he’s a rebel but at the same time, he truly cares for the community around him.

Zara is a coming of age girl who sees Rider and wants him. This is reciprocated by Rider. They soon have one wonderful special night together and the feelings of wanting to be with her again, scares him. He does the only thing he knows to do and that is to scare her off.

Fast forward three years, Rider and his gang are trying to rid the world of the horrible rival gang up the road. It is not that they are rivals, that has Rider all bothered by this gang but they are into a lot of shady activities, like human trafficking. Rider and his gang storm the compound and find a young girl and a woman, begging for their lives. These two were held against their will in the rivals compound.

When Rider realizes it is Zara who was taken by the horrible Hades(the leader of the rival group), Rider knows he has been given a second chance. However, trying to convince the girl he let get away that she is worth all he does for her; after the psychological turmoil that was placed on poor Zara, is a harder task than he anticipates.

After this short little recap, I can’t go into much more, or I would be giving away the story. However, the story is fluid with complex characters; which make the book. This first story in this series sets up for more of the hot bikers to be showcased. A man bun has never been sexier than as Ms. Theia describes on Rider and all her bikers boast a level of hotness. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the life of Preacher, the second book of this series.

What I found unique about this book was the POV. The POV just is not from the main characters point of view but from many characters, leading to a better description of the main story line. It also lent to the continuing stories of some of the other men within the MC gang since this is just book 1 of a series. I hope each biker that has been mentioned gets a story. I am rooting for an immediate Hawk story-(Hint, hint, Ms. Theia.) Not many writers can pull off such a huge undertaking of showcasing so many voices in one book but V. Theia does it amazingly!

Ms. Theai has just released the third book in this series, called Tracking Luxe. This is a must read for those who love MC books. Like I mentioned earlier, Don’t miss Preacher, book two in this series. The covers is effing hot!

4.5 stars is my rating for this book and I look forward to Ms. Theia making me fall in love with the world of the MC genre.





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