Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph




Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph

I am not sure how to even begin this review because quite honestly, it is an experience that the reader has to go on by themselves to truly enjoy this book. If I give too much away, it will be like giving the reader the ending one of their most anticipated movie they’d been waiting to watch.

So, the question is, how to begin this review in a way that does this book justice. First, I am going to say, just buy the book! Don’t worry, I will give you more than just that little tid-bit of information.

Okay, so here goes! Sage is an orphan, whose sister, Siren is really a big mean bully or so Sage thinks she is. Fast forward many years and the girls live together in Cape Town, South Africa. Siren is the out going one but also very poccessive of her sister. Many incidents occur and Sage tries to break away from her sister, but she just can’t until Sage is given a reason to leave. This specific reason comes in the tall and handsome package of Jake. From there, Siren goes mad. This is where I will stop because too much more, I will give away the book.

As I said earlier, every once in a while you are given a gem of a book that really is more than just a good read. This is a good read but more, this book is an experience that has to be enjoyed as you will find yourself fully emerged in the book

Things I liked:

Sage is such a gentle soul, the polar opposite of her sister Siren. However, more so than the characters, the depth to which they are portrayed on the pages, it is as if they could seriously jump off the page and immerse themselves into your lives.

Again, like the previous book of Ms. Joseph’s, she adds a large part of literary fiction to give this book complexity as the reader is left with questions. (Don’t worry, you get your answers.)

Of course this is a love story too, so it would be pointless to forget to showcase the love that Jake has for Sage, one that leads him to think things in a way he never has.

I am sorry to leave you with with such a vague review but as you begin to read it (and I am telling you this is a book of true wisdom) you will thank me that I insisted you read it and that I let you experience this book without going in too much detail.

Five Plus stars for Ms. Joseph!

Siren teaser

Her next release is a holiday novella called Serendipity coming mid-December!

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