Idaho by Emily Ruskovich


I have been focusing on Indie books, however, this debut book I read earlier in the year, still has me really thinking and scratching my head. At first, I was so confused by it, but after book club, I was able to piece together this book. One for literary fiction (one of my favorite genres) I wanted to share this book with you.
** Spoiler Alert **
Like I said above: when I originally read this book, I was lost and confused. This is a book that needs some sort of support group that can take the book and really disect it. I felt at first there was a lot of stuff that happened in this book that was never explained but after a great discussion, the author did something wonderful, she would take us just far enough and then would pull back. There is a lot of conjecture needed to understand this book and from here on, spoilers are present!

You have Jenny who is in jail for killing her daughter. The other daughter, is now missing. Wade the father is left both childless and wifeless as he divorces the wife that killed his daughter
In comes Ann, a music teacher who has connected with Wade and marries him a year after losing his daughters, because June-that one that survived the mom’s attack is still missing. On top of that, there is a male student named Elliot, who Ann teaches and has lost his leg who Wade’s daughter (the one that goes missing) loves.
**I am sure you are scratching your head like I had and you maybe confused as hell, like I was.**
Fast forward, Ann is taking care of Wade who is early stages of alziemers. Jenny(the mom) is haunted by the murder of her daughter and the boy(Elliot) that June likes (who is the missing daughter) is now dating someone mysterious.

There is so much in this book I could leave a review that takes days but here is my conjecture after a small little synopsis.
Before May is killed, June and her have some words, a small fight and May teases her. In the mountain that day, the day that May is killed, June and her are in the bed of the truck. Apparently Jenny (the mom) is there. Wade only knows what Jenny tells him and that something came over her that made her(the mom) kill her youngest daughter and then June the older daughter flees.

But in reading the book and after many discussions, we believe that June killed her younger sister and Jenny(like any selfless parent) took the blame.
The boy that June had a crush on is seen with a younger woman ten years later that would be the same age as June if she survived the woods that day. She always liked this young man. To go further, this young man lost his leg in an accident where his backpack was found on a rotted out deck. I believe further from a conversation that was recorded in the book between the girlfriend that it was June that put his backpack there.
This is a lot of conjecture and only if you read it, will you understand probably what I am trying ot get at.
In the end, the mom; Jenny and Wade’s second wife; Ann are found taking a trip together after Jenny is parolled. Ann is helping her settle back into her life outside of prison. Wade died years earlier and they are found at a creek at the ending. I really was mad after reading the book but after many intense thoughts, I decided to believe my theory that there really is some sort of conclusion to this book and for that reason, I rate this book at four stars. (Plus there is an awesome history lesson about the way the state was named-which I loved.) I would love to pick this authors mind though, if ever given the chance.

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