Friends With Partial Benefits by Luke Young



I am a book-bub fanatic and pretty much any free book they have listed in the Romance genre I right click on and it gets downloaded to my kindle immedately. I am always happy with the gems I have discovered. When I came across Luke Young’s Friends With Benefits series, the name drew me in. After reading book one, I am hooked.

If you are in need a ROM-COM book, this light hearted read had me laughing so much at night, I was afraid I may wake up my husband next to me as he slept soundly.

Jillian is an erotic romance writer who comes home from a book tour to her husband partaking in extra curricular activities in their swimming pool. After kicking him out and draining the swimming pool, Jillian is a little jaded about moving on.

Jillian has a crazy friend, Victoria who is very free with her body and as no problem flaunting it. When Jillian’s grown son(Rob) comes home for a visit, he brings his best friend (Brain) who instantly bonds with Jillian but he’s conflicted. This is his best friend’s mother after all, though he finds her sexy and they share similar interests.

What I liked about this book:

Victoria is breath of fresh air and when she attempts to hit on Rob’s best friend, Bryan while he is working out, it ends up being one of the craziest scenes I have ever read.

Jillian is used to Victoria’s ways and will laugh at her but put her in her place at the same time.

Jillian is in her late 30’s or early 40’s but she’s been hurt. I like it when authors give us scenes in books that we can relate to in real life.

Jillian calls Victoria for inspiration but soon finds out that Victoria is receiving benefits. Jillian is a little bit of a prude compared to the very crazy Victoria and their conversation is hilarious!

This book is the first one in an on going series following Rob, Bryan, Jillian and Victoria. If you want a fun laugh out loud read, this is certainly a book you will want to check out.


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