Cyanide by Ella Fields

cyanide two

If you have read any of my reviews, you know I am a sucker for a wonderful cover and this book boasts that. It is not a traditional romance type of cover and for that reason, it intrigued me even more.

I am also a sucker for a strong alpha female and if Vera is not a strong alpha female then big bird is not yellow! Holy Hell, I loved everything about Vera, from her sassiness, to her devotion to those she cared for.

In the book Cyanide, we see Vera as a spoiled rich girl; at first that is. But the depth in which Ms. Fields paints her is as colorful as the front cover of this book.

What I liked:

Jared-need I say more. This boy is the epitome of a romance readers dream bad boy. But like Vera, he has soul and a reason he does what he does and lives how he lives. I am not one that thinks that a man with a cigarette is normally sexy but with Jared, it brings more to the bad boy persona he owns.

When Jared took Vera camping; he wanted to show her the simpler ways of life. It is as if he is non verbally telling her that one doesn’t need to rich to have fun. And there is a sex scene in the tent that will completely have the reader on edge!

Love comes in so many different ways and this book showcases that love can hit you out of thin air and bring a beauty to your life, as it did for Vera. If you are in love with Alpa Male bad boys and strong minded women who don’t back down, then I am certain you will love Cyanide! 4.5 Stars!





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