Bohemian by Kathryn Nolan


Every once in a while you read a book that touches the soul in a way that feels like you are in your childhood home. In this book, Bohemian, Ms. Nolan does just that. Talking about poets like Mary Oliver and Shell Silverstein brings me back to a time where things were simpler: my youth. And this is exactly the backdrop we find this story as we are immersed into Big Sur California.

Calvin is a man with order in his life but he was exposed to the love of words at an early age as he lived with his grandfather during the summers in Big Sur CA. Though he has a life, he puts it on hold to sell his grandpa’s bookstore that meant so much to him, after his grandpa died.

Lucia is a world renown model who loves the simpler times of words that were her youth too. When she is booked a modeling shoot in Big Sur at an old bookstore, she realizes her love for the spotlight is wavering.

What I liked:

Calvin, he is a sexy academia with glasses! He is swoon worthy. He is sensitive but open. Plus, Calvin has a secret, in the bedroom that is just freaking hot!

Lucia is a wonderful character that many people can relate to. She has a life that most would die for but she is in a place where she is not happy.

The imagery of the background and scenes almost transports you into Big Sur and into Lucia and Calvin’s lives.

Josie and Ben are side characters that get their own story too!

If you love nature and love literature, you will surely love this book! 5 Stars for Ms. Nolan!


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