Back To My Roots Review

Country roots

I love a good book about a small town, where everyone knows your name (yes-I am a nerd) but it is true. Just as we all know Norm’s name and will continue for all time, it is this way in a small town. Being a small town gal myself, I could relate to the good and the bad of small town living and it brings me back to the a time of fond memories. Isn’t that one good thing about books, touching a place in our hearts that we may have forgotten. Well, this book did this for me!
Elena is a small town girl, wanting to take over one day but when tragedy strikes, it completely changes her future. Lucas is the boy that never forgot her as she left her old life behind her, one that was too painful to live in her small little town!

What I liked:
Elena suffers for anxiety-it can be debilitating and I love it when an author can paint something that readers may not have suffered from but is able to show it in a light that they can understand. I love best friend dynamics and Elena certainly has that in  Aubrey. Lucas is a man that wants one thing, to open up his own business-but doesn’t. Why? Family loyalty. He takes over for his dad when he is needed. This is true of real life, the things we want may be out of our reach. I also loved that Ms. Elaine set up a great back story for the next installment in this seriers!

All in all-a wonderful debut for Ms. Elaine!

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