Book review of Chasing Miss Sin by Jenna Lynn Hodge

chasing miss sin

This is a sweet book! I was instantly hooked and I have to tell you, I am the type that rotates between five books at one time and when I sit down to read a book entirely with out switching to another book, I know it has me hooked.

I love Ellie! Every woman can relate to her in some way. Even the most confident woman has insecurities. Now granted, Ellie’s are many but it is real as the author has painted a wonderful woman honest with her struggles. I love that she compares herself to a chihuahua! Also, the way that Chase takes care of his woman and says that she belongs to him is cute! And though Ellie always rolls her eyes at him when he acts all caveman on her (the authors words) she loves it and the author shows that vividly.

I have to say I am so impressed with her flawless writing that I am hooked and hope that Aeron and Christopher get a story along with Coral and possibly Brielle. I will be going back and reading her other two books that she has released. I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

5 Stars! ~Leigh

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