Best Reads of the Year


Because my favorite books could not be contained to just one teaser-I made two!

I have read in the upwards of over a hundred books this year and to be able to narrow down all these wonderful reads to twenty three books has been hard. I had to exclude a few that were in the top but in the end; these are the books I am left with!
I will break them down by how I justified them:
Favorite traditionally published books:
Must read for someone who loves strong family dynamics.
The Hypnotist’s Love Story
Liane Moriarty does it again!
Voice’s in the Summer
Sweet and tender love story that will have you pondering this book for days.
Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time
What a great look at people that are deemed different. It will make you think about your preconceived ideas for days; questioning all you thought you knew!
Debut Authors:
Holly Freakin’ Hughes
I was pulled in immediately and then was wowed this was indeed her first book! If you love sweet men and a little bit slightly awkward women, this book is up your alley!
Twist and turns abound in this book (the first book in a duet) and it makes you wonder if love can really begin at an early age. The way she paints this story, you are left with one answer-yes it can!
Dirty Salvation
I am not an MC genre reader but I heard so much about this story and the level of writing for a debut author and I had to grab it! V. Theia broke my MC cherry and I am hooked. Ryder is now my new book boyfriend!
Taboo books:
The Wild
Anyone who loves books and follows them on social media was probably inundated by the controversy associated with this book! It is as taboo as they come which made me seek it out even more! I was able to grab it before it disappeared and I believe now you can only buy it from K. Webster’s website. However, this book challenges people’s ideas of what is right and wrong and it certainly did that for me.
This is by the same author as The Wild. This book was first titled Preach about a pastor that wanders. But again, the author is just showing another side to a story. This book hooked me right away.
Intellectually Challenging book:
Set against the lovely backdrop of Big Sur CA, is a man that inherits a failing bookstore. In comes a woman that takes his breath away and loves books as much as he does. With an immediate chemistry, begins a beautiful story that has many references to literature of old and new. It made me pick up a book on poetry, something I have not done in years!
Steamy and Naughty book:
Holy Hell-that is all I can used to describe the genius of Isabel Love! Her book could start a five alarm fire but it would continue to blaze because this story is just that steamy!
Romantic Suspense:
I can’t say much about this book because I would give too much away! But what I will say is this is a must read!
Dark Romance:
Doll Face
If you like a good mafia romance, you have to check out this book! It made my jaw drop many times through out the book!
The Pawn
Another mafia romance that hooked me right away. If you like dark men who know what they want in the form of a sweet and innocent young lady, then I think you will like this book!
The best depiction of an absolute crazy person:
Bad Mommy
Is there any better way to describe Fig from Bad Mommy than just that- Crazy? I don’t think so! I can’t do this book justice without ruining it!
New to me authors:
Chasing Miss Sin
The story focuses on an awkward girl who writes romance books but is still a virgin! Now if that doesn’t captivate you, I am not sure what will!
Dear Bridget I Want You
A British doctor and a lonely widow is the back drop for this book. The opening scene is hilarious and I couldn’t put it down.
Undeniably You
I am now an avid fan of Jewel E. Ann and all her books! She is one of my favorite authors!
Best MMF Book
American Queen
This is one of my favorite genres! This book is amazing. The main character has a complicated past with both the president and vice president. It makes for an interesting story; one you can’t miss. It is a three part series with two more book featuring the VP and President too!
Best Audio Book
The Opportunist
I started to read this book but was in the car for way to long and wanted something to keep me company! I loved this book and would have loved it if I read it because it is Tarryn Fisher. However, the person who read for Olivia did it justice and made the story more complete!
A favorite author who did it again
Aly Martinez-what else can I say! She has a way with words and suspense! I loved this book and it is my all time favorite Aly book! I look forward to the next in this series!
That leads me to pick my favorite reads of the year-
From this list I have one traditionally published book and one indie published book!

Bohemian by Kathryn Nolan

Is my favorite indie read of this year!
It challenged my mind and reached my soul! Thanks Kathryn Nolan for bringing this book to light and giving me something that has helped me reach for poetry- which has always been my first love!

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

common weath
Is my favorite traditionally published book this year!
It is full of family dynamics that will keep you guessing and wondering until the end of the book!
Well, these are my picks! I will be interested if any of my choices made it to your favorite book list!

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