Let Me Be Your First Book Review



Lynsey M. Stewarts debut novel, Let Me Be Your First was a book that left me wondering how this was just Ms. Stewarts first book. It was written as if this was her second or third book. I love reading debut books. I read more debut books than any other type of book. When an author catches me with her writing like Lynsey has, I will put her name on my tbr list for any other book she writes.

I love books when they take place in another country. I feel I can live through these characters. This is coupled with the character of Elle, the girl next door, who any reader can identify with. Elle reveals she is a virgin, waiting for the right guy. In comes Luke, the hot social worker who seems a little loose with women. But when he shows interest in Elle, she is willing to see where this relationship goes. However, as much as he tries, calling him nervous about commitment would be an understatement. Where Elle is ready to see where this might lead, Luke ends up cheating on her. Giving him the special gift of her virginity stings a lot but she moves on; though he can’t. Cue in the swoon worthy Ben who makes Elle feel so special but because of her fear and hurt from Luke, she enters her relationship with him very slowly.

What I loved:

There is a Luke or two in all of our lives. As a reader, being able to relate to the struggles that Elle tried to reconcile in her mind is one way to draw a reader into the story.

She has a group of women that are her people! I love to see in a story (as in life) how we pull in a group of people that become the family we choose.

I love the English lingo, things that only Brits say. It makes me want to come and immerse myself in the culture but at the same time, it is written in a way that the yankee in me can follow.

I give Let Me Be Your First 4.5 stars~



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