Review by Nancy—One Trick

Only Trick

only trick
By: Jewel E. Ann

Darby is a Senators daughter that really hates the life. She has so many walls built up that she can not see who to trust and who not to.
Trick is a Gay make up artist. He has no memory of 5 years of his life. He puts up the facade so that people leave him alone.
When Darby has to sit for Trick she is instantly attracted to him. But knowing that he is gay she thinks he can become her first real friend.
What happens when Darby finds out Trick isn’t gay? Or if or when Trick gets his memory back?

My take on this book:
This book was a emotional roller coaster. You will feel the sadness for Trick and his memory. Happiness for Darby when she stops being Door mat Darby. Laugh whenever Nana is in the picture. Anger for all of the drama others cause. I could not put this book down. I highly recommend any of Jewel E. Anns books. She has that way of writing that draws you in.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

only trick teasers

Review by Nancy—Torment


By: C.M. Seabrook

Quinn has loved Zee St. James for as long as she can remember. But she thinks all he sees is his best friends little sister. They are family.
Zee has been in a dark place for a long time. But one night of drugs and alcohol makes him realize he needs to get sober. A year later he goes back home to where he has been gone for 6 long years. But will the secret he has destroy everything.
Can everyone find out the truth without breaking Zee anymore?

My take on this book:
If you have read the Wild Irish Series this is a spin off from that awesome series. Very intense at times. Very emotional at times. This was another great book. I highly recommend books by C.M. Seabrook you will not be disappointed.

Until the next book ~ Nancy

torment two

Review by Leigh— His Wife

His Wife By Ashley Hastings

His wife

This is Ms. Hastings debut novel—so— I say wow, super wow! I was immersed in the story right away. It’s engaging with Nathan becoming the man of any woman’s dreams. There is suspense and love and some raunchy and exciting sex. When you get to the heart of the matter with this book, your heart will mealt, making you long for your own Nathan.

About the book:

Darby is in New York after she graduates from college. Her mother visits her and they plan to spend a mini vacation together as her gift to her daughter. When her mother bombards her with a creep of a guy, an older gentleman rescues her. Soon, the chemistry is so evident and they are immersed in a quick love affair.

After they marry, he brings her back to his plantation in Mississippi and she feels she’s now competing with the ghost of Nathan’s late wife. It is when she also meets Nathan’s mother and the mother makes it clear that Darby is not welcomed. All that happens after this point brings the book together beautifully.

The heroine in this story is lovable and the reader will find themselves rooting for her. Darby is determined and her love for her man shows through. Ms. Hasting’s writing is effortless and I’d never had guessed it was her first book. She left me with a major book hang over in the hopes that I will find something as fresh and mysterious as the book I just finished. I look forward to Ms. Hastings future books! Great debut! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Keep reading ~Leigh

His wife2

Review by Nancy—Boys South of the Mason Dixon

Boys South of the Mason Dixon

abbi glines
By: Abbi Glines

Asher Sutton has been in love with Dixie since he was young. Dixie fell in love with Asher when she was 13 and he saved her from a very embarrassing situation. They were the golden couple in town until one day they weren’t. Dixie never knew why. She finally started to get on with life. Even got purposed to by Steel, Ashers brother. But something holds her back. Then Asher comes back to town and finds out about Dixie and Steel. The secret that he has kept for three years has to come out. And once he says something it is no longer a secret to anyone. But it was all a misunderstanding. Will Asher be able to love Dixie again? Will Steel have a chance?

My take on this book.

This was a very well written book. It will suck you in. The emotions will kick you right in the chest. While there is some heat it was not overwhelming. And with me being a Southern woman and Mom I absolutely adore the Sutton matriarch. She had me laughing so hard that my husband thought I was losing it. I highly recommend this book. This is the first I read by Ms. Glines but will not be the last.
Till the next book ~ Nancy

Review by Nancy- Fighting Weight

Fighting Weight

fighting wieght
By: Gillian Jones

Let me start by saying the books I have read by Gillian she writes about very hard subjects. I am sure you can see where Fighting Weight is going.
Alina has had too many people in her life telling her that she wasn’t good enough. That she needs to do this or that so that she doesn’t get too fat. At 13 her Bully makes her first appearance. For years she falls into the trap her Bully has set and develops Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia. After all the hell she starts to fight back. Through therapy and with the help of her brother and band she fights hard.
Slater connects with Alina as soon as he sees her on stage. When his band invites hers to tour with them for 8 weeks he wants to get to know Alina better.
Through the tour Slater sees the good and bad. How does he respond?
My take on this book:
This is a very emotional book. Even if you have never dealt with eating disorders or issues with body image issues you will feel the emotion that Alina and Slater go through. From sadness to despair to elation. And in the process of reading I learned to see a little more inside someone rather than outside. Everyone deals with something. But a smile can always make a difference to one person. Do Not miss this book.
Till the next book ~ Nancyfighting weight 2

Now Live

Stockholm by Leigh Lennon

stockholm banner 2

What happens when your captor becomes your savior?

Mikayla Miller wakes up one morning, bound to a bed, in a farmhouse in Alberta, Canada, with no recollection of how she got there.

When she comes face to face with her captor, Mikayla can’t deny the instant chemistry between them. The man she only knows as Nolan insists he’s her protector, but lives by his own unique moral compass.

As the days turn into months, Nolan’s touch, his words, and the way he looks at her, ignite her body and soul. No matter how hard Mikayla fights their unmistakable connection they share, she begins to fall for him, and a new woman is created in her place.

Back in the small town where Mikayla disappeared, two women reel from a shattering loss. When letters suddenly start appearing from Mikayla, twelve years later, they are left wondering why she’d choose her abductor over her own family.

Love is complicated, and messy;

but sometimes the heart can’t help what it wants.

For Mikayla Miller, it never was a choice.



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Deep down, Mikayla understood Nolan was taking over her heart. Ethan, her boyfriend, had come out of nowhere, and she thought their love was the real deal until Nolan appeared in her life.

“No, Mikayla, get that out of your mind,” she said out loud to stun her back to reality.

“Who are you talking to?” Nolan asked, walking by her room.

“Just myself,” she replied.

“I’m not a bad guy, Mikayla,” he said, and she wanted to think of him as a monster, but she couldn’t.

He entered her room, this time without permission, and she didn’t stop him. As she sat with her ass planted on her bed, he walked toward her, stopping when his knees touched hers. She didn’t look at him, but he grasped her chin, tipping her head to his. “You have to know what I feel for you is as real as the snow outside.”

Her eyes tried to avoid his gaze, but the more she felt his stare, the more it drew her eyes to look at his. “Mikayla, tell me to leave the room, and I will.”

She sat silently, not saying a word. “Mikayla, tell me not to touch you, and I won’t.”

Again, she said nothing.

“Mikayla, tell me you don’t have feelings for me, and I will believe you.”

Again, she couldn’t speak. At the moment, she was mute.

“Tell me not to kiss you right now, and I won’t.”

Sitting down next to her, he moved her face to his, leaning his head toward her. “This is it, sweetness, no turning back.” Right then, she leaned in, placing her lips on his as their connection strengthened with their first kiss. It was soft. How could his lips be so tender, she thought as their tongues danced together? She couldn’t pull away. In her mind with her judgment clouded she told herself, I don’t want to stop this, not now, not ever.





Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. Her imaginary friends become real on her pages as she creates a world for them. She loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. Leigh can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.





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A Review from Nancy-A Woman’s Touch Duet

Womans touch

A Woman’s Touch Duet
By: Delaney Foster

Nick is a US Senator who has no need for a relationship since he found his fiancee having a affair with his best friend. He has his whiskey and the looks to have any woman he wants.
Heidi is a single mom that is happy with her son and doesn’t need a man except for once a week. She has her business and is happy.
When circumstances bring Nick and Heidi together, they don’t know how to handle the feelings that they are experiencing. Between jealousy and miscommunication they have some big issues to fight through. Will they make it?

My take on the book:
This was a very well written book. At times I wanted to reach through the kindle and smack both Nick and Heidi. I felt their pain and happiness. I loved the surprises and the end was beautiful. This was my first book by Mrs. Foster but will not be the last.
Till the next book ~ Nancy