Art of Seduction Review


Art Of Seduction
By: M. Orgeron
The Prologue is the introduction you need to see that Catherine Stern is the head of this powerful family in Louisiana, and to show you just how powerful she is. Catherine has three sons, Gabriel, Zander and Liam and her other son Vin.
She has raised her boys to take over the family business that she has built. Now it is time to help them build the life she knows they need. She starts with Gabriel. But he will fight her every step of the way. Here enters Fallon. She is a strong and smart woman that has fought all of her life to survive. Catherine teaches her the finer things in life so that Gabriel will fall hard and fast. And the ensuing battle is interesting. But Fallon is up for a challenge. When certain secrets come out the guys all have troubles understanding them but they do make them understand their mother more. When Gabriel realizes that he is completely in love with Fallon he sees how they really can be happy even though his mom found Fallon.
My take on this book:
I loved reading this book. There was enough drama, danger and hotness that kept me interested. I laughed so many times at Fallon and Zander that my stomach hurt. Gabriel is so intense that it can scare you. But beneath it all you see the love and sense of family. To me those are two of the most precious things in this world. This is a 5 star read.
Till the next book, Nancy


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