A Review by Leigh-Look The Part

look the part2

Look The Part

Jewel E Ann

***If there were such things as six stars, this book would get it!***

Wow! This book—I don’t quite have the words and I always have the words. This story has so many elements—rats, loss of a spouse, debilitating fears, cannabis oil, rats, suits, an in-law that makes unrealistic requests, a sassy unrelenting red head, a boy on the spectrum and one very cocky lawyer. Ah, did I mention the cannabis oil and rats? Anyway, there is so much going on in this story but Ms. Ann brings it all together smoothly and does it to perfection.
Flint has lost his wife. He calls his guilt a special place in hell and for that reason, he gives everything he has to his son; his motherless son when it is Flint’s fault she died. Then he meets Ellen and he has met his match. But then life happens and the perfect precision of how he has planned his life for his son and him is blown to pieces. He’s left with making a decision on how to live, knowing he took the life of the first woman he vowed to protect.
With Jewel E. Ann, the reader is given these little nuggets of phrases or words that stick with you! In this story, it is, “I want this life.” So much is stacked against Flint and Ellen, yet, a life with him is what she dreams of. This is a heart-warming story that will make you want more, even as you read the final word on the very last page.

Keep on reading!  ~Leigh

Look the part

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