Review by Nancy—Accidentally Perfect

Accidentally Perfect
By: Torrie Robles


Nathan is the powerful playboy in New York city. A weekend in Vegas with his best friend for business what could go wrong? He is tired of all the meaningless aspects of life. But is Vegas really a good idea? The he sees Laney.
Laney is a nurse who just found her boyfriend cheating. Her best friend says let’s have a girls weekend in Vegas. What can go wrong? When Laney meets Nathan they have a awesome night. But why did she wake up married to him.
Trials are ahead can they be Accidentally Perfect for each other.

My take on this book:
There are plenty of things that will keep you reading. There is drama that a mother and a father cause as well as exes. The heat between Laney and Nathan jumps at you. And even through all the tears that Laney has because of others your heart will hurt. Mrs. Robles does a beautiful job at bringing the emotions out. Read this book you will not be disappointed.
Till the next book ~ Nancy

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