Review by Nancy- Fighting Weight

Fighting Weight

fighting wieght
By: Gillian Jones

Let me start by saying the books I have read by Gillian she writes about very hard subjects. I am sure you can see where Fighting Weight is going.
Alina has had too many people in her life telling her that she wasn’t good enough. That she needs to do this or that so that she doesn’t get too fat. At 13 her Bully makes her first appearance. For years she falls into the trap her Bully has set and develops Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia. After all the hell she starts to fight back. Through therapy and with the help of her brother and band she fights hard.
Slater connects with Alina as soon as he sees her on stage. When his band invites hers to tour with them for 8 weeks he wants to get to know Alina better.
Through the tour Slater sees the good and bad. How does he respond?
My take on this book:
This is a very emotional book. Even if you have never dealt with eating disorders or issues with body image issues you will feel the emotion that Alina and Slater go through. From sadness to despair to elation. And in the process of reading I learned to see a little more inside someone rather than outside. Everyone deals with something. But a smile can always make a difference to one person. Do Not miss this book.
Till the next book ~ Nancyfighting weight 2

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