Review by Leigh— His Wife

His Wife By Ashley Hastings

His wife

This is Ms. Hastings debut novel—so— I say wow, super wow! I was immersed in the story right away. It’s engaging with Nathan becoming the man of any woman’s dreams. There is suspense and love and some raunchy and exciting sex. When you get to the heart of the matter with this book, your heart will mealt, making you long for your own Nathan.

About the book:

Darby is in New York after she graduates from college. Her mother visits her and they plan to spend a mini vacation together as her gift to her daughter. When her mother bombards her with a creep of a guy, an older gentleman rescues her. Soon, the chemistry is so evident and they are immersed in a quick love affair.

After they marry, he brings her back to his plantation in Mississippi and she feels she’s now competing with the ghost of Nathan’s late wife. It is when she also meets Nathan’s mother and the mother makes it clear that Darby is not welcomed. All that happens after this point brings the book together beautifully.

The heroine in this story is lovable and the reader will find themselves rooting for her. Darby is determined and her love for her man shows through. Ms. Hasting’s writing is effortless and I’d never had guessed it was her first book. She left me with a major book hang over in the hopes that I will find something as fresh and mysterious as the book I just finished. I look forward to Ms. Hastings future books! Great debut! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Keep reading ~Leigh

His wife2

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