Review by Nancy—One Trick

Only Trick

only trick
By: Jewel E. Ann

Darby is a Senators daughter that really hates the life. She has so many walls built up that she can not see who to trust and who not to.
Trick is a Gay make up artist. He has no memory of 5 years of his life. He puts up the facade so that people leave him alone.
When Darby has to sit for Trick she is instantly attracted to him. But knowing that he is gay she thinks he can become her first real friend.
What happens when Darby finds out Trick isn’t gay? Or if or when Trick gets his memory back?

My take on this book:
This book was a emotional roller coaster. You will feel the sadness for Trick and his memory. Happiness for Darby when she stops being Door mat Darby. Laugh whenever Nana is in the picture. Anger for all of the drama others cause. I could not put this book down. I highly recommend any of Jewel E. Anns books. She has that way of writing that draws you in.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

only trick teasers

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