Review by Leigh

After the Storm By Katy Ames

after the storm

This is the third book in the stand alone series by Katy Ames. First, I have to say as my teen daughter rolls her eyes at me; I ship this couple so much. (A term my child says I am too old to use). But, I am using it anyway. You start rooting for team Trissa right away (Tristan and Tessa).

Tristan is is broody and moody and many other emotions but it’s in the most mysterious way that really draws out the reader’s attention. The reader is given a little back ground information on why Tristan is this way however, just little snippets here and there. As the reader, you will find yourself longing for Tristan, from the opening scene. Tessa is the sweet apple pie of a girl who has a little bit of sass; not putting up with Tristan’s broodiness but wanting to be his friend.

Ms. Ames writes this book in such a brilliant way, you don’t need to read the other books to understand what’s going on. I will admit, I am very picky when it comes to third person point of views. It has to be written in a way, I can still get into the characters mind and Ms. Ames does just that.

Plus, there are many romantic scenes including food used as foreplay. This book will bring you into suspenseful scenes where you are holding your breath; just wanting to see this couple get their happy ending. (And it will make you want to take a trip to a tropical island) even if it means you may get stuck during a hurricane. (I will volunteer to get stuck with Tristan anywhere!) Bottom line, this book is a must read.

Keep reading! Leigh

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