Review by Nancy- It Was Love

It was Love and It was Always Love
Taboo Love Duet
By: V. Theia

It was love

Noah and Sena have been best friends for years. Ever since Sena landed in NYC. She is the Computer Doc. Noah is a successful business man and also Gay. Here in lies a big problem. Because Sena is hot for her best friend. When Noah suggests that he can help her with a itch, she is thrown for a loop. How can a gay man want her? Insert a old boyfriend of Noahs and all kinds of thoughts keep going through Senas head. And not good ones.
What will happen when she realizes that Noah actually does love her? How will family and friends react?

My take on this book:
If you haven’t read a book by V. Theia then you are missing out. She has a way of writing that will make you feel everything. I am talking so many emotions that you want to cry and throw the kindle. And the next minute you just want to hug everyone. These books are no different. I have wanted to smack both Noah and Sena. I wanted to strangle Tom. I was outraged at Noahs sister. And finally I just wanted to see Noah and Sena just love each other and be happy. This is a must read duet. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

It was love teaser

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