Review by Nancy-Vex Mythical Ink Series Book 1

Vex Mythical Ink Series Book 1
By: L.S. Anders


Vex is a demon. His job is to assign souls where they are supposed to go. He is happy in his life. Until one day he isn’t sure where one soul is supposed to go. So he makes the choice but it seems the wrong one because he is banished to earth. His only goal is to get back to the Realm of the Dead

Alea is a fairy that is just trying to get enough for her own apartment because the partying is too much for her. She finds a ad for a job at a new tattoo shop. It is too good to be true.
When Vex and Alea finally meet there are sparks but in order to achieve the goal Vex must stay pure. How can he make it? Will his goals change?

My take on this book:
Not being a huge fan of PNR this book gripped me from the beginning. L. S. Andrea keeps it simple enough that even I understood what everything is. This book is hot and not to be missed. I would suggest reading the Exotic Ink Series first because somethings from that series is referenced in this book. But it is not required. Do not miss.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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