Leigh’s review of When Life Happened

When Life Happened

Five Wonderful Stars

when life happened

By Jewel E. Ann

What in the world did I just read? It was all types of amazing and heart breaks rolled into one. At one point, as I was reading in the late night, I think my jaw dropping on the ground could wake up the very sleepy hubby next to me! This book brought out so many emotions, I also thought the author may have been in the room, crushing my heart too.

Parker, she has had a crap love life. It is so bad in fact, her twin sister stole the man she sacrificed her college choice for. She meets the perfect guy in Gus but he’s married and it’s a line she won’t cross. When he says his marriage is over, Parker believes he can give her a happy ending but just like that; life happened and both Parker and my own soul were crushed.

I can’t share anymore or the beauty of this story would be ruined. But just trust me; pick up this book and read it. Be sure to hold onto your jaw along the way.

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