Nancy’s Review—Battlefield of Love Series

Battlefield of Love Series by Cary Hart


Love War

Love war
By: Cary Hart

Aubrey is trying to get used to life as a newly divorced mom. She lives for her daughter. It isn’t always easy dealing with her ex husband. But she is trying. While also trying to open a B&B.

Andrew is getting divorced. His business and daughter are always the most important thing.

When Aubrey and Andrew have a chance méeting at a club the fireworks start. But neither knows that Andrew is the one doing the renovations for Aubreys B&B.

My take on this book:
This was a little slower burn book but it was well worth it. The twists that Cary put into the book even had me gasping. This is a definite recommend.

Love Divide

Love divide
By: Cary Hart

This is a continuation of the Battlefield of Love Series.

Niki is best friends with Aubrey. But her other best friend is Gavin. They do so much together and are there for each other. But then Niki meets Aiden.

Gavin has loved Niki for years. But he has never told her. When she meets someone Gavin doesn’t know what to do.

When the secrets come out Gavin is pissed and Niki is heartbroken.

My take on this book:

This is a friends to lovers romance book. But Carys writing brought out a lot of emotion in this book. I wanted to jump through the kindle so many times to smack people.
Highly recommend.

Love Conquer

love conquuer
By: Cary Hart
This is the final book in the Battlefield of Love Series. All three are standalone books but intertwine. This one is about Nina. She is Nikis sister. After leaving a very abusive relationship she is struggling to find herself. Kyle works for Andrew. But he also owns the lumber yard. He has a very rocky relationship with his family. But is very big on safety. When he sees Nina he knows he wants her. Can Nina and Kyle work through all their issues? My take on this book: I think this was a great conclusion to the series. With everything that has happened to them you can not help but feel for both Kyle and Nina. Do not miss this series.
Till the next book ~ Nancy

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