Leigh’s review of Frayed Silk

Frayed Silk

frayed silk

By Ella Fields

Holy hell on a hotdog bun! This book will have your heart rate elevated and you will be left with the saying; things are not always as they appear!

Dahlia is missing something in her marriage. She may sleep next to her husband each night but he has not been right; THEY have not been right for a while.
It leads her to make decisions that are out of character for her and the love and devotion she has for her marriage. But as things are not always as they appear, as I prefaced above, this story will hit you in the gut, make you sob and then feel emotions you didn’t know you had. This is about forgiveness and moving on and letting go!

All Dahlia has ever wanted was her husband to come back to her. She can’t figure out the wall that is between them and she is feeling desired by someone else. What do you do when you have needs and they are not being met? For Dahlia, she is so desparate for her husband’s attention; she’s not even sure what she should do.

There is too much going on in this story and a little hint will give the power this story has away but for sure; read it—even if it punches you in the gut and remember—not every thing is as it appears!


frayed silk teaser

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