Leigh’s Review of After Care

After Care

After care cover

L.B. Dunbar

Wow, there needs to be more books depicting the life of both men and women over forty. Yes, men and women are still sexy at this age and we need more books to empower them. I love this story in so many ways. First, I love a book where there is a diverse group of characters as this story held. I love real life struggles but I also like it when the story reaches; as it does when it pairs Edie, a cancer survivor with Tommy, a rock and roll manager. But, there is so much to this story, so many layers and so much raw emotion. In the end, it will give you hope for those that struggle in life that they will find their happily ever after.

Edie leaves her husband around the same time as breast cancer hits her. But she will not be willing to let it claim her life or future. After being given the word, remission, she takes her family to Hawaii for a vacation around the holidays. This is where she meets Ivy; who clings to her instantly.

Ivy is from a family of famous musicians. However, she clings to Edie because her own mother died of breast cancer and Ivy looks at Edie as a survivor. It is when Edie meets Ivy’s very famous uncle; Edie is a goner. But Edie doesn’t have a musical background and has no idea this man is a star himself.

There is so much hope associated with this story. It’s really a must read and one of my favorites so far this year! ~Leigh

after care teaser

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