Review by Nancy—Sinner


sinner cover
By: Erin Trejo

Jessica is going through her life great. Until her mom remarrries and She gains a step brother Jake. She thinks Jake is just doing his brotherly duties until the day she turns 15. Then her world turns upside down.

Phoenix is James best friend. They share almost everything because they share some of the same darkness. But Phoenix doesn’t know what Jake does when he is at home. Jake continues to lie to him. The whole time he is lusting after Jessica.

When Jessica finally gets enough courage to run away she ends up running into Phoenix. But he has a agenda, until he sees all of Jessica then he doesn’t know what to believe.

My take on this book:

For me this was a dark book. But holy bejeezus was it great. The twists and turns kept me guessing. And hot at the same time. I highly recommend this book if you like dark reads.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

sinner by erin trejo

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