Leigh’s Reviews of Lessons in Corruption and Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling

Lessons in Corruption

Lessons in corrupation cover

By Giana Darling

King’s story is that of Royalty; atlease MC royalty. He is a King; the next leader to the the local MC in his town of Entrance, British Columbia. But King is so much more than the next generation for the MC. His mind is beautiful; as beautiful as his face and his father; the president of the MC; knows his son can be more to the MC and enrolls him into a prestigious private school. (Enroll might not be the correct word—as you will find out later) but the point is—everyone at the school is up in arms and surprised when this notorious outlaw’s son becomes a member at this almost snooty school.
This story gives way to love at first sight and it’s so believable within the words of Ms. Darling. King has been witness to a beauty and connection so deep; it stops him in his tracks. Months later; after starting the private school; he is stopped again to find out this woman is now one of his teachers. He skips her class for several days until the man in him is able to fuse a connection with her and she (Cressida Irons) is devastated to learn that it’s the boy who’s been skipping her class.
This is a story that is hard to review because the main parts are so intertwined that I don’t want to give away the plot of this beauty. Again, Ms. Darling knocks this book out of the part; showing that love is messy but in the end; love is worth pursuing.




Welcome to the Dark Side

wttds cover

By Giana Darling

This is not my first Giana Darling book so going into this story I new I was going to get all kinds of wonderful but Holy Moley—I never thought the emotions and feels would eat at me like this story does. Giana knocks it out of the park with this one!

Louise is a girl whose life has never been easy. For just 17 years old; it’s been hell. But there is one bright spot in her life—her Guardian Monster who saved her when she was seven. For nine years; the two of them exchange letters like they are pen pals but it’s so much more. Even her Guardian monster, Zeus, who is now the Prez of the notorious MC club; knows this. He tries to shut it down because even he has a moral compass. He knows it’s wrong to fall for a girl 19 years younger than him.

But the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s never that simple for the both of them. What occurs later is beautiful and wonderful with a side of dirty and naughty and everything you’d expect from a MC read. My review can’t do this beauty of a book justice because Ms. Darling’s words transcends the pages into one of my favorite reads of 2018. Do yourself a favor; get this book. You can thank me later as you find yourself falling for Zeus and Lou as I’m positive you will!


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