Review by Nancy—Without You

Review by Nancy George
Without You (Survivor Series Book 2)
By: Emilia Finn


Scotch knew the minute that Samantha walked into Science class that she was the girl he would marry. So he starts trying to get her to know it. For three long years she keeps turning him down.

Samantha wants nothing more than to leave the little town to peruse her dreams not those of her parents. She keeps telling Scotch no so that no hearts are broken. But he finally wears her down.

They have a great year. They get married. But then everything gets screwed up.
13 years later Samantha is back and needs Scotch to help her. Can they work through the past?

My take on this book:
I have finally found out how Scotch got his nickname. This book was wonderful even though I felt it in my heart. The miscommunication between Scotch and Sammy makes you want to jump through the book and smack them both for not defending themselves and making the other see the truth. I loved that we heard from characters from the Rollin Series also.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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