Review by Nancy—For the Love of Luca

For the Love of Luca

love of luca
By: Soraya Naomi

The Chicago Syndicate is back in book 8. All can be read as standalone books but best if read on order. This from someone who stsrted with a later book but then had to go back.
Luca and Fallon have twins and life is good. But someone is causing havoc with Fallon. But she can’t prove it and only looks crazy. And she starts to think she might be because shouldn’t her husband believe her over anyone? She doesn’t know who she can trust and Luca is trying to make sure that she doesn’t look like a threat to the Syndicate because we know what will happen of she is.

My take on this book:
I have loved this series since I started it. And Soraya still keeps it interesting. She knows how to draw out the feels in each and every book. I will say I don’t know if I have gotten as angry with alot of books as I did this one. I loved Fallon but then she did something that just made me not like her but I still felt for her. Don’t miss these books.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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