Unconventional and Unforgivable by Isabel Love

Congratulations to Bella Love on her new release. In celebration, I (Leigh) am posting my review of Unconventional (one of my favorite books of all times) and Nancys’ review on Unforgivable. Y’all these books are so good!


By Isabel Love

What do you do when you relationship doesn’t mimic conventional means. Does it mean you do not love as deep as others. No, never.

This is a beautiful story of two people hurt beyond recongnition but when they both let one another in; they can live again. Charlie deals with a loss that was never his to choose and Quinn from a deep loss she was never able to say good-bye to. They are both broken souls but with one another become whole again.

This book is off the chart hot and the sex scenes are those of legends. In the end; this book looks deeply at releationships and what the world deems as right and wrong. It doesn’t bother them that they are unconventional. They embrace it and we love them because of it. I love Isabel’s writing style! Can’t wait until more! This is a five star off the charts must read!


By: Isabel Love

Wesley is the boy that every bully picks on. He is a foster child who has never had good foster parents. He doesn’t own much. So he is a target.

Anna is the town sweetheart. She is so kind and loving. She has her brother John that will back her up.

One day she sees Wesley getting bullied. He tries to fight his way put but three on one is tough odds for anyone. She tries to step in but gets John to help her. From that point on Wesley becomes Johns best friend and part of Anna and Johns family.
Anna develops a crush on Wesley but isn’t sure if he feels the same.
Fast forward 16 years and here we are now with Wesley getting out of prison and Anna living with a secret that has her severely depressed. She puts on a mask of happiness for everyone but Wesley. Can he pull her put of it? Will they ever tell each other the secrets that they keep?

My take on this book:

This book will hit you right in the feels. Even if you have never experienced the situations Isabel has the writing ability to make you feel just what Wesley and Anna are. From the heartbreak to the happiness to surprise. This was my first book by Isabel Love but will not be my last. Do not miss this book. You will regret it.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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