Leigh’s Review of Breathe

Breathe (The Program book 2)


By NM Catalano

Wow, wow, wow! I freaking love this story and all the raw power that it’s written with. First, I love a good story that shows love is love in any way. This story hits so many boxes for me. First, there are some hot mercenaries. That in of itself should make it a must read for me.

Each book of this series follows a certain man.

Book One is Rock

Book Two is Snake

Books Three is Gringo

Book for is Bull (not out yet)

Though this book is primarily Snake and Raven, there’s so much more. In book one, Canvas, you see the love of Summer and Rock form. In 1.5 (a novella) called Trifecta, you see the love of Rock, Snake and Summer. (Yes, women—this is MMF at it’s finest and NM Catalano brings you to your knees with these manly creatures.)

This book still follows the story of Rock and Summer but after Snake meets Raven; the four of them jive very well together (if you know what I mean). The story continues and you still see some of Summer and Rocks story as you are also given way to Gringo and Sasha’s story. The story intertwines and each person builds to the next—creating an explosively sexy masterpiece.

Yes, as I mentioned, there is MMF action going on and I was all over that too! The pièce de résistance was the MMFF that was associated with the book and made it a story I never wanted to end. The writing is wonderful and like everything by NM Catalano, it will not be the last book I read by her!




This gives you background going into Breathe. I would say you should read this between Canvas and Breathe and quite honestly, it is hot story you won’t regret!

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