Leigh’s review on End of Day

End of Day (Jack and Jill Book 1)

end of day

Jewel E. Ann

I’ve never been in awe over a female character as I am over Jessica Day/Jillian Knight. This book made me reaffirm that Jewel E. Ann is one heck of an author, as this book flows well with the life of Jillian in present day and Jessica in present day.

This book is part mystery/ part romance and part of the wonderful story telling that is Jewel E. Ann. Jessica/Jillian and Jude/Jackson have a secret. It’s a big secret that builds from the second you start reading the first sentence. It only continues to hook the reader as I sat on my couch hoping the world would just allow me continue reading so I could soak in the story. As you read from present day to their past, the flow is so easy and as the reader; you will not skip a beat.

There are so many reasons I loved this book; Jessica and her lace wearing panties to the mailbox in her red rainboots is only one. I love the free spiritedness of Jessica/Jillian and how she could really give a rat’s drunken rear of how she’s judged.

I am not sure how else to describe this book and being able to give it a just review without too many spoilers. The twists and turns will make you devour the next page and the next page until you are done—running to download the next book to your kindle.
There is a lot going on in this story; as it gives way to the next one with her brother Jude/Jackson. As always, Jewel E. Ann makes this story a must read for everyone!


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