Nancy’s Review of Racing Dirty and Racing Dirty: LA

Nancy’s revew of
Racing Dirty and Racing Dirty: LA

By: J. Lynn Lombard

These books are centering around the racing world. And what a hot world it is. Racing Dirty is Xavier and Izzys story. They have a past that hurt everyone. And Izzy ran away to L.A. Xavier goes into a really bad place while she is gone. Nolan is the only one that can keep him from totally falling. But then tragedy strikes and Izzy comes home. When the truth comes out the the danger begins.

Racing Dirty: LA is Nolan and Ashleys story. The best friends of Xavier and Izzy have one night together in Michigan and they can’t forget it. And when Ashley finds herself in serious danger the first person she calls is Nolan. He quickly finds her in LA and they get to work figuring out how to fix all the issues. But the secrets that come out are not only dangerous but life altering.

My take on the books:

These books are definitely page turners. The twists and turns will keep you guessing. Even though I know nothing about the racing worlds these books did not make me feel like I didn’t. The secondary characters are awesome really making me want more. Do not miss this series.
Until next book. ~Nancy

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