Leigh’s review on The Box

The Box

The Box

By Marisa Oldham

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this book but the teasers were awesome and the blurb caught my fancy right away! This book is dark—very dark and for those of us—like myself that love a dark read—this is right up our alley. It has every element that a dark read should have—an ominous alpha male—a heroine attracted to the darkness in the man and some very disturbing but fascinating scenes. I read this book with the need to flip to the next page immediately; never missing a second that had me almost suspended in the book. See, there is so much to the book but if I give too much away; the beauty that is this wonderful read will be ruined for you. However, let me set it up for you. Iris wakes up inside a box. She is groggy and she’s out of it. A man appears and right away; shows his dominance; telling her he could kill her if he wants yet through all of this; she is attracted to the man. This stockholm twisty read will have the reader asking so many questions throughout the book and at the end—the whole story will transcend reality—leaving you wanting more.


The box teaser




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