Month: May 2018

Nancy’s Review of Redneck Romeo

Redneck Romeo By: Xavier Neal ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dustin is on a vacation with his brother Cody and Sam Costs best friend.  This is where he meets Carly.  All he knows is that deep down there is a connection. Carly is a matchmaker that knows that…

Nancy’s Review of Stakeout

Stakeout By: Karen Raines and Brittany Crowley ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Best friends are not supposed to cross that line to sleep with each other right? When Bri and Colby do, Bri sees stars until Colby calls out another woman’s name. Not cool.  She decides to take…

Review by Nancy— Justice

Justice By: Cin Medley ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Justice is tired of living a double life.  He is trying to get out of the Black Mombos but knows the only way out is death.  One night he stops 2 of his guys from harming someone.  Once he…

Leigh’s review on God’s and Monsters

Gods and Monsters By Saffron A. Kent Since reading the Unrequited, I have longed for the words of Saffron Kent again. I loved Gods and Monsters in a real and raw way. Evie loved Abel for so long but her mother and the rest…

Nancy’s Review of Art of Loyalty

Art of Loyalty By: M. Orgeron Vincent knows that loyalty is a huge thing in the life that he lives. He is loyal to Catherine Stern and she has always taken care of him. As he sees each of his brothers fall and find…

Leigh’s Review of Living With Marcus

Living With Marcus Florence Osmund I am taking a small detour from straight romance to bring you a review on this book. It certainly includes romance but this book has so many elements associated with it. That is the brilliance of Florence Osmund. I…

Review by Nancy- Voyeur

Voyeur By: Fiona Cole Oaklyn is trying to get through college. She has found scholarships but something happens and the money disappears. She has tried everything. She gets a job at the club Voyeur. As well as extra shifts in the science dept of…

Review by Nancy- The Playground

The Playground By: Phoebe Alexander Journey has been a wife and mother and teacher for so long that she is starting to lose herself. Her boys are off to college and the empty nest is affecting her and her husband. When transferred to a…

Leigh’s Review of Sworn by Maria Luis

Sworn By Maria Luis How do I review this book? Well, Maria hit it out of the ball park with this one. Avery is a girl with secrets and just as they say opposited attract—in this case it is two people with similar backgrounds…

Review by Nancy-Complicated Parts Book 1

Complicated Parts Book 1 By: Ashley Jade Preston Holden does what he wants when he wants. He has no one in this world that he cares about more than himself. Until the one person he can not have gets under his skin. Kit Bishop…

Review by Nancy- Devros

We are making up for lost time! So sorry we have been off the grid!  Review by Nancy! Devros By: Echo Hart   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laney is in her last semester of college and lets her best friend Trish talk her into going to a…

Leigh’s Review— Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise By Anne Malcom   I am sitting here after a week of finishing Anne’s book—still trying to piece back together my heart. This book is my first Anne Malcom novel and I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived in the world…

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