Leigh’s Review— Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

By Anne Malcom



I am sitting here after a week of finishing Anne’s book—still trying to piece back together my heart. This book is my first Anne Malcom novel and I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived in the world of indie romance this long without her stories in my life.

“He collected beautiful things…” that is what you start off with in the blurb. I read the blurb but I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. Some of my favorite books are those I start blindly and normally I am so happily surprised. No exception with Birds of Paradise.

Elizabeth is broken. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a more tortured or broken soul as she is written. My heart hurts for her right away but there is just enough information given to make you sprint to the next page—soaking everything in.

The man in the book (the non-hero) as he sees himself comes across Elizabeth one night. He is meant to end her suffering but in his own dark, cold and very broken and wounded heart; he can’t. The question I asked myself throughout the entire book is—was it that he couldn’t or that he wouldn’t.

Books that show the messy side of love are some of my favorites and Ms. Malcom doesn’t disappoint in this part of the story. But there is so much more—survival, humanity, forgiveness (or the lack of it), understanding—and at the end you are left a beautiful tale that will have your heart both wounded and healed at the same time.

32169365_765533440317517_1932564764408414208_oI didn’t do this book justice with this review because I can’t without giving too much away. At the heart of the matter is love is dark, dirty, evil and can be convoluted with secrets. These two go through all of the above mentioned and because of their unique backgrounds, there love is foraged in a way that only Anne Malcom can spin in this story that will remain in my heart for a long time from now. This is beyond a 5 star story!


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