Leigh’s review on God’s and Monsters

Gods and Monsters
By Saffron A. Kent
Since reading the Unrequited, I have longed for the words of Saffron Kent again. I loved Gods and Monsters in a real and raw way. Evie loved Abel for so long but her mother and the rest of the town thought of him as a monster but he was not—not in the least. This is a great example that bigotry doesn’t always follow race and the town has it in for Abel, because of his geneology. Evie falls for him though her mother, one of the real monsters in this story, makes it difficult for the two to be together.
The story follows Evie and Able from their early teens through their early adult years. The character development that Saffron creates within this story is unique and incredible. Early within the story, we see Evie as the kid she is but as the story progresses, so does Evie. This is just another one of Ms. Kent’s wonder in her story telling ability.
Evie is two years younger than Abel when she meets him. The whole town hates his existance. But as I mentioned earlier, they are the ones that are truly the monsters that create a wedge between Evie following her heart. Abel wants nothing more than Evie (Pixie) in his life. As they sneak behind everyone’s backs, their love for one another only strengthens. When it comes to a head—Evie has a choice to make.
Saffron has a way of painting a story so vividly, you are staring at it on a canvas. This book will leave you breathless; cheering this couple through their life; begging that they get their happy ever after and wanting to kick some of the side characters a** at the same time! This is a must read!

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