Authors in The City 2018

Good Morning everyone.  Now that I have gotten somewhat caught up from my trip to AITC18 I thought that I would tell you about this author event.

I live in what is considered Upstate NY.  And it really is.  I am about 40 miles away from the Canadaian boarder.  To drive to NYC the map took us to PA then NJ to go into NYC I just found that rrally funny.  I was a little worried about the traffic but it wasn’t too bad.  We left Friday afternoon and stayed in NJ.  Saturday morning it was raining but nothing going to bring my spirits down.  We arrived early because I wanted to make sure to find parking.  The hotel was very pretty.  As we were standing or sitting in the line the people were very friendly and I was able to talk to a few people.  Once we were able to get inside the room I went straight for the author that I absolutely had to see.  And she was so nice.  She was so understanding even though it was her first ever signing event.   As we walked around and met more authors I found more that I am definitely going to rrad some books and bought more than I planned.  One thing I uave learned from the 4 events I have went to since May 2017 is that the authors are just like you and me, they just have a talent that I don’t possess.  They are just as nervous to meet us as we are to meet them.  I have quickly become addicted to signings.  The next one I am going to is in Lake George in October.  Until then here are some pictures.  I hope you think about finding a signing near you and going.

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