Voyages of The Heart: With Love From London

Voyages Of The Heart: With Love From London


Summoned by Alyssa Drake

Time for Love by Ashlee Shades

Port of London by Brian Miller

Winning Emma by Rosie Chapel

Pieces of You by Autumn Sand

Love Found by Amy Allen

White Lies by Gianna Gabriela

Kisses in the Snow by Maria Vickers

Destined by Bella Emu

Checkmate by Patricia D. Eddy

Unwrapping London by Roux Cantrell

Meet Me In London by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Under a London Snow by Carrie Humphrey

One Night Resolution by M.A. Foster

Wicked Deceptions by Amy Cecil

Love Refined by S.E. Roberts

London’s Remedy by Jade Royal

The Thing about London by Tamsen Schultz

This anthology is centered around London.  Either by visit or someone lives there.  The stories will grip you.  I did not want to put the book down.  I have read a few of the authors before but most were new to me.  I am so happy I read them.  I have found more authors to read.  The stories range from sweet to hot.  From MM to PNR.  And I am not a big PNR reader but they were written in a way even I could understand.  And at one point I even wanted to jump through the kindle and smack one character with a chair.  I can not wait for the next stop on the Voyages of the Heart.  Do Not Miss.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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