Nancy Review of The Devils Advocate

The Devils Advocate

By: Ashley Jade




One man thinks I’m a saint.

The other thinks I’m a sinner.

One man lives in the public eye.

The other lurks in the shadows.

One man wants to use me for his own needs.

The other wants to use me for his revenge.

One man will get what’s coming to him.

The other will get what he deserves.

They told me good girls get rewarded.

But I’ve been bad. Very bad.

I made a deal with The Devil…and I liked it.

My take on this book:

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book after reading the Devil.  And it was oh so worth the wait.  Eden gives you a woman to believe in.  Damien and Cain will make you want to smack them in the face with a chair.  But Ashley with her twisted mind will make you like each one of them in a way.  This duet is a DO Not Miss.  I will even get Leigh to read this if it kills me.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

Nancy Review of Crossing All Boundaries

Crossing All Boundaries

By: Suzanne Nemec



Tell me you can’t see me, Jennifer…

Jennifer’s eyes gazed up at the translucent man leaning against the wall; a man that she’d seen many times before. It was her eighteenth birthday, and when she leaned over to blow out the candles Jennifer focused her eyes on his roguish grin that made her crave his lips on hers.

For centuries, Josh had guarded the most gifted visionaries. But when his friend and High Priestess boss, Gisabella, had assigned him as Jennifer’s protector, he quickly realized that the girl was possibly the most “ungifted” person on earth.

Tonight something was different, though—when had Jennifer grown up? As a protector, Josh couldn’t allow himself to get close to anyone . . . but there was something about the way Jennifer was flipping her hair back with a hint of a smile on her untouched lips. Trust me, Jennifer, I’m not the kind of man you should be flirting with.

A moving story of former lovers, Demetri and Astraea, who fall in love once again, as Joshua and Jennifer; finding themselves in the throes of something illegal: interdimensional marriage. As forces continue to threaten Gisabella’s reign, Josh and Jennifer must decide whether true love can conquer all.

My take on this book:

I am notbusually a PNR reader but this book was recommended to me so I gave it a try.  It had me gripped from the start.  The supernatural stuff was explained simply enough that I could understand but written so well that it intrigued me.  I highly recommend this book and can not wait for the next one.

Till the next book ~ Nancy


Nancy Review of Raw Honey

Raw Honey

By: Amy Cecil


When your life spirals out of control you do one of two things: you let it or you stand up and defeat the demons that threaten you.

Amanda Benson faced a similar experience and ran from it, leaving Edinboro without a trace. She worked hard to get her life together and realized that to fully succeed in building a new life she had to go back and face the old one.

When she arrives back in town, a chance encounter changes her life. She’s given a home, a job, and a family. She believes that she is on the right track. That is, until she falls in love with the man that made it all happen.

Nothing can take away the heartbreak that she suffers while she watches him love the woman from his past. Not even the comfort she finds in the arms of another man can take away the pain.

Desperately searching for a love to last a lifetime, Amanda is too blind to see that the man who truly loves her is the man that she believes will destroy her.

Jealousy threatens to take hold and—if she isn’t careful— will ultimately destroy her and any chance she may have at having her own happy ever after


My take on this book:

Raw Honey is a never boring insight of the Knights of Silence club life.  Looking into Honeys life will open your eyes to so many emotions.  Beautiful Crazy is the only words to describe this book. To see everything from someone’s POV that isn’t one of the main players is so interesting.  This can be read without reading the others but I recommend reading thebother 3 Knights books first.  I can not wait to see what happens.

Till the next book ~ Nancy