Nancy Review of Loving the Enemy

Loving The Enemy
By: Amy Cecil

Zaira’s memories have returned. She can’t accept nor forgive the truths that have been kept from her by the one man she trusted above all others – Michael Vitali.She knows exactly who he is …She knows what he is …She knows what he’s done …And despite all that – she loves him.When the Vitalis are faced with a new threat, Zaira once again gets caught in the middle and is used as a pawn putting her life in danger. She soon realizes that life is too short. Forgiveness and acceptance are overrated when you’re about to lose your one and only true love. She makes up her mind that despite everything she wants Michael back. Will Michael take the risk again; or will he turn his back on the only woman he’s ever loved and move on?

My take on this book:

This is a ending that you will never see coming. The twists and turns almost broke me. Beautifully written so that even I couldn’t see this coming. I highly recommend this duet, it is riveting. The love, danger and anger can be felt through the pages. A page turner for sure.

Till the next book ~ Nancy

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